Deployment of new teacher devices

Hey everyone, 

So we will begin deployment of new teacher devices starting Aug-9th. Some of you might have already received your devices that's okay. Any device that has already been deployed you are just ahead of the game. Now for everyone that has not replied to the mass email regarding which device you would prefer (MacBook or Surface Pro) we only took account the total of responses. Each device will have office 2016 loaded on them as well as a few other programs that are required. While we deploy these devices per site we will go over setting up your email as well as checking to see if everyone is able to log in with their account. 

Once we are done deploying everyone's devices we will then begin helping you out individually by setting up your printer and customizing your device (adding google drive, configuring your account further, or just showing you the basics). This will most likely begin mid august, we will go to each site and classroom to setup your device. Don't worry we will email each site a schedule on when to expect us. Please bare with us, we will be deploying a large number of devices so there is bound to be a few hiccups. 

We are excited for everyone and hope this starts off your new year right :). If you guys have any questions please feel free to post them on this forum. This is to help answer any questions you might have as well as allow us to assist everyone at once. This ticketing system as well as our new website will be added to your google chrome browsers. So be sure to log into the browser with your account to take full advantage. 

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